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        1. Automation to fit your production needs

          520 Machinery can offer you a complete turn key system

          • Robot Machine Tending
          • Robot Deburring
          • Robot Assembly
          • Pick & Place Automation
          • Conveyor System
          • Gauging System

          • Flexibility guaranteed with multi-axial travel Servo control
          • Can be applied to a variety of product automation
          • Maximum travel speed: 150 m/min
          • Process connection of other specialized machines possible
          • Can be composed from compact cell machines
          • Gauging System

          • Able to compose lines as required and save space
          • Single robot can cover machine tending of 2-5 machines used as independent equipment
          • Robot itself is able to use independent equipment
          • Can be used in conjunction with processing equipment other than that of turning processing

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          To request more information or to ask a question please fill out the form to the right. Please make sure to include a valid email and to answer the security question so we know you are not a robot.

          We strive to answer these requests as fast as humanly possible. Normally that response is within an hour or two, but if you need immediate assisance during business hours then feel free to call us at 888-520-1768.

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