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        1. Lathes - Turning

          Current Inventory
          (10" Chuck, Tailstock, Chip Conveyor)
          (10" Chuck, 14" Chuck, Threading, 4 Station Post)
          (DRO, Geared Head, 16" Chuck)
          (15" Chuck, Threading Dial, Steady Rest)
          (Electric Threading Clutch, 2nd & 3rd Spindle Locking)
          (4" Bore, Steady Rest, Threading)
          (12" Chuck, Tailstock, Hard Bed Ways)
          (Steady Rest, Follow Rest, 4 Way Tool Post)
          (10" Chuck, Chip Conveyor, Twin Turret)
          (6" Chuck, Fanuc Control, Tailstock)
          (8" Chuck, Tailstock, Chip Conveyor)
          (Chip Conveyor, Tailstock)
          (10" Chuck, Tailstock, Gearbox)
          (16C Collet, Vertical Slide)
          (8" Chuck, Tailstock, Chip Conveyor)
          (12' Barfeeder, Tailstock, Parts Catcher)
          (Twin Spindle, Twin Turret, 8" Chuck)
          (16" Chuck, Threading, Autofeed, Steady Rest, Tailstock)
          (10" Chuck, 2.5" Bar, Tailstock)
          (31" Chuck, 15" Steady Rest, Tailstock)
          (Fanuc Control, Barfeeder, Tailstock, Chip Conveyor)
          (MSC-521, 10" Chuck (2), tailstock)
          (MSC-518, Sub Spindle, Parts Catcher, Tool Setter)
          (MSC-518, 3.6' Bar, Tailstock, Chip Conveyor)
          (Tailstock, 10" Chuck, Tool Setter, Chip Conveyor)
          (8" Chuck, Rigid Tap)
          (Collet Chuck, Tailstock, Parts Catcher)
          (Stocker Table, Gantry Loader, 6" Chuck)
          (10" Chuck,Tailstock, Barfeeder)
          (Tailstock, 8" 3 Jaw Chuck, Remote Jog Handle)
          (Tailstock,2 Steady Rests, LX2 Control)
          (8" Chuck, Tailstock, Fanuc Control)
          (10" Chuck, Long Bed, Tailstock)
          (Chip Auger, 10" Chuck, Tool Setter)
          (Gang Tooling, 12' Barfeeder, Collet Chuck)
          (Collet Chuck, Barfeeder, Parts Catcher)
          (Live Tooling, Long Bed, Tailstock)
          (10" Chuck, Iemca Barfeeder, Chip Conveyor)
          (Live Tooling, Tailstock, Bar Feeder)
          (8" Chuck, Tailstock, Tool Setter)
          (Barfeeder, Gearbox, Tool Setter)
          (Twin Spindles, 10" Chucks, Tool setter)
          (Live Tooling, Sub Spindle, Iemca Barfeeder)
          (12" Chuck, Tailstock, Box Way)
          (8" Chuck (2), MSX-803 with MAPPS)
          (8" Chuck, Tailstock, Fusion)
          (Twin Turret, Live Tooling, I.G.F.)
          (Tailstock, 10" Chuck, Tool Setter)
          (10" Chuck, Tailstock, I.G.F.)
          (Big Bore 3.75" bar, LIve Tooling, 10" Chuck)
          (Tailstock, Tool Setter, Box Way)
          (Tailstock, Tool Setter, Box Way)
          (Tailstock, 10" Chuck, Parts Catcher)
          (12" CHuck, Chip Conveyor, Moric Control)
          (Live Tooling, 15" CHuck, Gearbox)
          (Sub Spindle, Live Tooling, Collet Chucks)
          (Tool Setter, 10" Chuck, Tool Setter, Tailstock)
          (Tool Setter, 6.5" Chuck, Tool Setter)
          (Tailstock, 8" Chuck, Tool Setter)
          (Tailstock, 10" Chuck, Tool Setter)
          (Tailstock, 10" Chuck, Chip Conveyor)
          (10" Chuck,Tool Setter, Parts Catcher)
          (15" Chuck,Live Tooling, Long Bed)
          (Twin Spindle, Twin Turret, Y Axis, Live Tooling)
          (12" Chuck, Tailstock, Fanuc Control, Chip Conveyor)
          (Twin Spindle, Twin Turret, Ganrty, Stocker)
          (Dual SPindle, Live Tooling, Y axis)
          (Tailstock, Steady Rest, Follow Rest)
          (Sub Spindle, Barfeeder, parts Catcher)
          (Live Tooling, 10" 3 Jaw, Tailstock, Parts Catcher)
          (Twin Spindle, Twin Turret, Live Tooling, Y Axis)
          (Sub Spindle, Parts Catcher, Fanuc Control)
          (20" Chuck, tailstock, Tool Post)
          (Tailstock, Hand Wheels, Haas Control)
          (Tailstock, Auger, Tool Setter)
          (10" 3 Jaw chuck, Chip Conveyor, Parts Catcher)
          (8 Spindles, Barfeeder)
          (21" Chuck, Long Bed, Tailstock)
          (21" Chuck, Long Bed, Tailstock)
          (VTL, Vertical and Horizontal Tool Holder)
          (Live Tooling,15" Chuck, Tailstock, Tool Setter)
          (8" Chuck, Live Tooling, Tailstock, Chip Conveyor)
          (8" Chuck, Live Tooling, Tailstock, Chip Conveyor)
          (Dual Spindle, Dual Turret, Dual Y Axis)
          (8" Chuck, Tailstock, Chip Conveyor)
          (Barfeeder, High Pressure Coolant, Tailstock)
          (Live Tooling, C Axis, Tailstock)
          (12' FMB, Fanuc, Back Working Spindle)
          (6" Chuck, Tailstock, Tool Setter)
          (Live Tooling, Y Axis, Sub Spindle, Chip Conveyor)
          (Live Tooling, Y Axis, Sub Spindle, Chip Conveyor)
          (Live Tooling, Long Bed, Tailstock)
          (110 ATC, TSC, Big Bore, 2nd Spindle)
          (15" Chuck, Live Tooling, Mits Control)
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