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        1. Plastics Equipment

          While 520 Machinery's primary focus is on machine tools, we do have a lot of customers in the plastics manufacturing field as well. We come across plastics processing equipment quite often and have an experienced used equipment specialist in house with almost 20 years experience that can help you with your buying needs or surplus equipment. Whether it's for a single machine or complete line, please contact us to let us know how we can be of service to you.

          Current Inventory
          (PLCS-6 Control, 200 Tons, Air Blow, $4,995)
          (Vertical Injection Molder, 70 Tons, 48" Rotary)
          (Horizontal Injection Molder, 600 Tons, Hydraulic Mold Clamping)
          (Horizontal Injection Molder, 390 Tons, Dual Core Pull)
          (Injection Molder, 750 Tons)
          (Horizontal Injection Molder, 80 Tons)
          (Horizontal Injection Molder, 400 Tons)
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