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        1. 2005 Photon Energy NWL Mistral

          Class 1 Laser Marking/Engraving Machine

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          • photos/2005_Photon_Energy_NWL_Mistral_07132017-0.jpg

            2005 Photon Energy NWL Mistral
          • photos/2005_Photon_Energy_NWL_Mistral_07132017-1.jpg

            2005 Photon Energy NWL Mistral
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            2005 Photon Energy NWL Mistral
          • photos/2005_Photon_Energy_NWL_Mistral_07132017-3.jpg

            2005 Photon Energy NWL Mistral

          • Laser Class One
          • Door Size 22.83” x 13.78”
          • Max Size Of Targets 22.83” x 19.68”
          • Computer Controlled Z-Axis
          • Dimensions Of Marking Fields (Min) 2.56” x 2.56”
          • Dimensions Of Marking Fields (Max) 8.07” x 8.07”
          • Max Target Heights Varies Per Focal Lengths
          Equipped With:
          • Cabin Light
          • Safety Switches
          • T-Nut Board

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