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        1. 2006 Control Laser Prowriter L-80

          Lamp-Pumped Laser Marking System

          Laser Safety Shutter

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            2006 Control Laser Prowriter L-80
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            2006 Control Laser Prowriter L-80

          • Wavelength 1064 nm
          • Mode of Operation CW, Q-Switched
          • Laser Source Lamp-Pumped
          • Beam Quality 4.0 (M2), Multi-Mode
          • Pulse Repetition Rate 1 kHz-200kHz
          • Maximum Output 80 watts
          • Standard Marking Fields Field Size: 6" - Focal Length: 10"
          • Power Requirements 230 (220-240) VAC, 1-Phase
          • Dimensions/ Control Unit 48.8 (H) x 27.3" (W) x 23.4" (D)
          • Flexible Umbilical Length 12' Standard
          • Laser Rail and Galvo 8.5" (H) x 9" (W) x 59" (D)
          Equipped With:
          • Sealed Laser Module with Ceramic Reflectors
          • Laser Safety Shutter
          • Laser Marking Studio Software
          • Integrated Computer Based Controller
          • Ethernet Ready

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