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        1. 2018 Vixen AquaBlast 1215

          Vapor Blaster

          Free Standing Hydro Cyclone

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            2018 Vixen AquaBlast 1215
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            2018 Vixen AquaBlast 1215
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            2018 Vixen AquaBlast 1215
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            2018 Vixen AquaBlast 1215
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            2018 Vixen AquaBlast 1215
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            2018 Vixen AquaBlast 1215

          • Process Dust Free
          • Construction 100% Stainless Steel
          • Lining Rubber
          • Nozzle Tungsten Carbide
          Equipped With:
          • Trolley and Turntable with External Loading
          • Free Standing Hydro Cyclone
          • Wet Cyclonic Media Clarification
          • Closed Loop System
          • Automatic Media Concentration Monitor
          • Decant Valve to Remove Water With Minimum Media Loss
          • Wind Screen Wiper
          • All Available Manuals

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