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        1. Acme Gridley RA6-C

          Screw Machine

          2nd & 3rd Spindle Stopping
          Electric Threading Clutch

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            Acme Gridley RA6-C
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            Acme Gridley RA6-C
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            Acme Gridley RA6-C
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            Acme Gridley RA6-C
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            Acme Gridley RA6-C
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            Acme Gridley RA6-C

          • Capacity 1 1/4
          • Voltage US Electrics 440 3PH
          • Chip Conveyor Universal
          • Lubricant Oil
          Equipped With:
          • Stock Stand & Reel
          • 2nd & 3rd Spindle Stopping
          • Logan air Trip Threading
          • Electric Threading Clutch
          • Spindle Stopping: 2nd & 3rd Position with Flat Locator For Cross Drilling & Milling
          • 1st & 3rd Drill Speeder
          • Flat Sides
          • Cross Slide Tool Holders
          • Cross Slide fitted Pos. 1,3,4,6
          • Independent Slide Pos. 3,4
          • Cams & Gears
          • Collets & Pushers
          • Covers & Guards
          • Main Tool Slide Drill Holders
          • Motors & Controls
          • Speed & Feed Gears
          • Automatic Lubricating Device
          • Trabon Lube System
          • Hydraulic Feed Clutches
          • Oil Mist Collector
          • Live 5th Position with National- Acme Vers-O-Tool

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