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        1. Milltronics CNC Machines continues to produce high-quality CNC machines at an affordable price, offering real value to our customers.


          Linear Way Machining Centers, Inline Spindle Machining Centers, Twin Table Machining Centers, Solid Way Machining Centers, Horizontal Machines, Bridges and Inline Spindle Bridges, Quill Head Type Bed Mills, Solid Head Type Bed Mills, CNC Knee Mills and Manual Knee Mills. Every machine comes standard with our user-friendly high performance Milltronics CNC with conversational programming and loads of features.


          All lathes utilize a heavy-duty construction of typical "V" ways on our smaller toolroom lathes and manual engine lathes, oversized linear rails on the smaller slant bed lathes with rigid box way construction on the larger slant beds and all combination lathes. All combination lathes incorporate manual operation, handwheel teach and full CNC operation with either conversational or standard ISO programming.

          CNC Control

          • Conversational programming
          • Industry compatible EIA/ISO G & M code
          • Background editing
          • Handwheel run verify
          • DXF importation
          • Network capability
          • 12" color screen and graphics
          • "Trig Help" function
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